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The “Scarborough Tour” is alive and well.

It has been a tradition of our club to do a “Scarborough Tour” each year when we play several mixed friendlies against clubs in the Scarborough area. The COVID pandemic put a halt to the tour but it is brilliant to be able to report it has been resurrected by Derek Chappell and Frank Devaney. A very big thank you to them both.

Across a three-day period, we played against – or is it with – Scalby and Newby BC, South Cliff BC and Filey Southdene BC. The experience is ably described in the following letter to all club members penned by Derek on behalf of them both.

Dear all,

This year we started our tour playing at Scalby and Newby and they set the tone for the rest of our matches.

A very friendly greeting on a beautiful day in Scarborough - many thanks to Tony Kirby who had taken over the organisation mid-stream.

To make up their team he imported some players from Filey to great success.

The teams

Harrogate settled well to the green which was in good condition and we managed to achieve an excellent win. Scalby and Newby awarded our top rink of Tony Thompson, Lynn Devall, Janet Preston and ably lead by David Moulder, with chocolates.

We of course awarded their top rink with potentially £millions, i.e., a lottery ticket which also defined our losing rink. Out came ‘Scar’ the tour monkey with a penalty of being worn during the evening this was awarded to Gillian Thompson, Rosie Moulder, Jeff Jaycock and Phil Devall.

Captain Gary gave our thanks for the wonderful reception given to our club and the standards set for the tour.

Day two was a match against South Cliff with new teams and different players as we all played in two matches with a day off.

The heat of Friday had disappeared and was replaced with thunder and of course rain.

Captain of the day Sue Mulholland had difficult decisions to make and started with a cup of tea and a raffle draw , somewhat different to our usual expectations.

The rain eased and play was deemed possible so ten ends were decided upon and proved an inspirational decision.

Have a good game.

The poor conditions continued.

Harrogate were leading after the ten ends and most made it back to the pavilion, just as the heavens opened.

South Cliff didn’t award our top rink with a prize but we gave theirs our usual gift. This defined our losing rink and Scar appeared again to be awarded to Cynthia Parker, Roy Barton, Janet Preston and Sue Mulholland.

I would like to thank Sue who made excellent decisions in difficult conditions.

I did wonder how the team were going to dry the piles of soggy coats and every sort of wet gear that you can imagine. Two victories in two matches it was going well.

Day three out came the sun and the heat.

Off we went to Filey a team we have never beaten and already including their spies who had played at Scalby.

We like to finish at Filey, always a super club to deal with. So our captain of the day John Russell at least had no difficult decisions to make concerning the weather.

Inspired by the thought of fish and chips at the Wetherby Whaler he managed to do all the paperwork half an hour early and so an early start was possible. Jean alas pulled a muscle and had to retire after six ends, I took her place.

The match begins.

Being a small club house, tea was taken after eight ends for three rinks and ten ends for the other rinks. It proved a very good idea as you had a rest on a hot day. Home made fruit cake was very popular.

We then held our breath as the two captains agreed the final score. Filey 93… we held our breath … Harrogate 92 … so near but so far, there were plenty of “if only’s”…

Our winning rink of Roy Barton, Lynn Devall , Judith Chappel and ably led by David Lamb were awarded the usual Filey home made jams , chutney etc. it’s why we come back .

Being in the team with the lowest score of the afternoon I decided we had no need to award Scar, however, I was outvoted and Sue Russell, George Wise, Sue Mulholland and myself were awarded Scar, the monkey.

Worth noting Janet Preston went from hero to zero on day 1 and 2. Lynn Devall was in two winning rinks how does Phil live with that? We finished with a dash to Wetherby Whaler well worth it!

The evening entertainment was enjoyable and HBC took part in a lively manner. The line dancers were straight in and it’s fair to say that the rest took part in some dancing activity.

The star move of the night was Linda Jackson managing to get Jeff Jaycock to dance. Jeff claims the photo was too blurred to use.

Next year? Who knows!


Derek and Frank

Plus a bonus montage of a few of our players who had the honour of winning - and in some cases wearing - Ska, our Tour monkey.



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