What Has Been Happening To Our Green During The Autumn/Winter 2018/19 ?

A lot has happened to our green and it's surrounds since the club closed for bowling at the end of September 2018.  The images below will give you some idea of the scope and scale of the works which have been undertaken and include:

  • Hollow tining of the green

  • Vertidrain of the green

  • Replacing the old wooden surround and sand ditches with a permanent pre-formed surround

  • Removing the grass surrounding the green and widening the paths

  • Adding drainage to the top corner of the green

  • Levelling and re-turving the edges of the green

  • Laying new asphalt on the paths around the green

  • Providing a second access point for both players and equipment onto the green

All of this work is designed to improve our facilities and the drainage of the green leading to a better bowling environment.

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