The Rules of Lawn Bowls

The rules of the game are administered and published by World Bowls.  The current version, (3.2 with revisions) runs to 63 pages.
To download a copy of the full rules click here to be taken to the World Bowls website.

What Does That Mean?

In common with most sports and pastimes bowls has a language all of it's own which can be a bit confusing to those just embarking on their bowling life.
Click here to find an explanation of those words and phrases which you are likely to hear on the green.

The Etiquette of the Game

In addition to the rules there is a code of etiquette which we all need to follow.  Etiquette refers to the way we play the game to ensure enjoyment for everyone and so that all have the chance to play their best game.  The code applies to all players of whatever standard or experience and is based on common courtesy.
Click here to view our etiquette guidelines.

Important Distances and Measurements

When playing a game of bowls there are some important measurements which you should be aware of.  These govern things like the placing of the mat, the maximum and minimum lengths of the jack.  What happens if a jack rebounds down the green during an end, the minimum length a bowl must travel to be a valid delivery etc...
Click here to see a chart detailing all the measurements you need to know.