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We don’t let a drop of rain spoil our evening.

OK, it was a big drop. Derek Chappel, our Club President, tells the story.

"The teams were displayed, the tactics formed when the rules were released, but alas the weather thought differently . The green was closed with a hint of “maybe by lunch time”, when it would be reviewed.

At lunch time the verdict was delivered as torrents of water poured down once again.

A social evening was decided upon  and bowling cards ripped up.

There was a warm welcome in the clubhouse.

And we look forward to the evening.

Bowling is replaced by a series of puzzles.

Our President and Master of Ceremonies gets things under way.

Heads down for Bingo.

Probably the most interesting moment was the introduction of modern technology to bingo. The organiser found a website which was free to use and eagerly double-checked the club internet was working. lt was working well until after 70 numbers had been called when a remark that somebody "must be sweating" was made. On the 75th number the system froze with several people wanting just two numbers. Damned internet! Wendy had a solution which we used and all was well, with Pat Wise being the declared the winner.

Fish and chips arrived bang on time followed by cakes and buns. The "house" was won by Kay Gordon but not until the tenth key! The raffle followed.

Picking the next winning ticket.

The raffle relies on the generosity of our members and once again they came up trumps.

Thanks were given firstly to all the members attending and then to everyone who had worked so hard behind the scenes.

Altogether we raised £288 for the Alzheimer’s Society.

Thank you.


Derek Chappel

Club President


What l didn’t know. Not every country has bingo with 90 numbers !

What I now know (after a discussion with Janet). The USA usually has 1-75 numbers!! I didn’t check that at the time!"



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