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Our thanks go to “The Manor House”.

On Bank Holiday Monday 6th May, members gathered to enjoy an afternoon of bowling sponsored by The Manor House. It was great to have a warm dry day but the green was still recovering from recent rain so the new groundsheets were in use to protect the rinks.


Ten teams played on five rinks over three rounds, with six ends per round – so lots of opportunity to mix and play against different people. The dress code was “casual” so it was all very informal, relaxed and enjoyable. But as ever, there was a competitive edge…


Lynn Devall, our sponsorship co-ordinator reports:


“We were delighted to welcome our guests Mandy and Marian from The Manor House and Rachel Care Marketing Manager of Anchor UK to watch The Manor House Challenge.

We all enjoyed a wonderful afternoon with some excellent bowling in the sunshine and a delicious afternoon tea.

Play is about to start.

That one's closer!

When in doubt, measure.

The end of Round 1.

And straight into the next round.

There's no doubt about this score.

With all the rounds completed it's time to see which team has won.

It was a very close finish with worthy victors:

Caroline Jaycock, Jan Burdin, David Moulder and Douglas McWee who were presented with their prizes by Rachel.


A special thank you to our friends from The Manor House who were able to join us and to Rachel for making this event possible. Our thanks also to all those involved in its organisation”


And, of course, our thanks go to Lynn as the principal organiser of the event.


Photographs: Jeff Jaycock.



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