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Our players did us proud…

…but it wasn’t to be. Our teams are now out of the Zone 4A County finals.

Men’s Singles Final

Paul Morton played his Men’s Singles final on 12th June against Gary Bunce of York Railway B&SC. Gary took the match 21/6. Paul said that Gary was on top form and thoroughly deserved his win.

Men’s Pairs Final

Ian Brickley and David Small had a very close encounter in the pairs against Borough Park losing by just one wood in the final end.

The commentary below was kindly provided by Ian Brickley.

The game was close all the way, despite losing a 4 on the first end we kept in touch all the way to the 17th end when we got a 4 to tie the game up with one end to play. We had the bowls around the jack when their lead drew the shot with his last bowl. David couldn't get to the bowl and came up an inch off winning the game. The game hinged on 2 good hits from their skip one when we were lying 5 and the other we were lying 3.

Great game played in a great spirit

Men’s Triples Final

Gary Preston, Paul Morton and Lee Coutts had their departure against Dunnington with a disappointing six ends that put them 14-1 behind. However, they valiantly fought back, reducing the deficit to a final 18-14 loss.

Lee Coutts kindly provided this commentary on the Men’s Triples Semi-final which gives us an insight into the playing experience:

Our tenacious trio retained focus during a gruelling 16 end encounter of which they won all but four ends. Conceding heavily on ends 5 & 9 (5 shots) keeping the opposition in the game. By end 13 the score was levelled at 14-14 but a timely 4 for HBC at end 14 appeared to shake the opposition. Following up with a single on the next end frustration was clearly beginning to take its toll. End 16 came the devastating blow with HBC two down as play moved to the skips. HBC skip Gary Preston skilfully dragged the jack back to give HBC three shots. The opposition struggled to find length allowing Gary to precision draw into the head, putting the game to bed with a jack toucher on his last bowl.

A great match.

Our thanks and appreciation go to all our players who represented us and we wish all the victors the very best as they go forward.

Roll on 2024…



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