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Club News wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy Bowling New Year

And don’t worry, the Christmas trees will be gone by twelfth night. 👍

2023 was “Club News” first year and to date forty articles have been published, including this one. These were the top ten in terms of the number of views:

  1. The Marshall Shield comes home to Harrogate after 75 Years – 135 views.

  2. The “Scarborough Tour” is alive and well – 133 views.

  3. Our Finals Weekend provides a superb end to the competitions season – 117 views.

  4. A celebration of a wonderful club – 113 views.

  5. “Official Opening” day 2023 – 108 views.

  6. In the bleak mid-winter – 100 views.

  7. Harrogate Bowling Club wins the Dalesman League for the first time - 99 views.

  8. Twenty-three attend the first coaching session – 96 views.

  9. Sun, bowling and Prosecco. Perfect. 90 views.

  10. Once again we raise the flag for Yorkshire and people suffering from motor neurone disease – 88 views

A great cross-section of everything we do. Thanks go to everyone who contributed, special thanks to Les Bentley and Richard Yeoman for helping with the photographs and thanks to all you viewers who make it all worthwhile.

Roll on 2024.

Jeff Jaycock



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