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Bowling and pie & peas. Hard to beat!

The gentlemen played their season finale on the evening of Monday 4th September – the semi-final and final of the Gents’ Evening Cup followed by pie and peas. Teams of four players played two woods each. The semi-final was played over seven ends and the final over nine ends.

It was a beautiful sunny evening; some might say too sunny. Bowling into the sun wasn't easy.

At the end of seven ends those who were best at bowling with their eyes closed emerged victorious – Andrew Morton’s team and Frank Devaney’s team. Frank’s team had already won the Gentlemen’s Evening League so could they pull off the double? The sun was lower in the sky when the teams got down to it.

After Frank’s team established a good early lead it proved difficult for Andrew’s team to close the gap over just nine ends - and the double was secured.

Everyone then retired to the clubhouse for pie and peas (ably served by some of our lady members) and a few drinks.

Barry J. the Gentlemen’s Captain, instigator and organiser of the League and Cup thanked everyone for making it such an enjoyable season and, in particular, thanked the ladies for helping out. He hoped the league would continue under the leadership of next season’s captain and (to the consternation of some present) felt sure the men would hold on to the Canning Cup in 2024.

Frank thanked Barry for everything he had done as Captain and this was enthusiastically supported by all present. Another great evening at Harrogate Bowling Club.

All photographs were taken by Richard Yeoman. Thank you, Richard.



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