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A trip to the seaside.

Sue Russell kindly provided this report and Les and Fiona Bentley provided the photographs.

"On 6th September a group of six bowlers and their partners travelled to Southend on Sea to play a friendly fixture against John Russell’s former club, Bournemouth Park BC.

It consisted of two triples matches on the Thursday and three pairs on Friday. The weather was extremely warm, as was the hospitality provided by our hosts, and everyone had a great time in England’s newest city."

Two days of very enjoyable bowling lie ahead...

Day 1 begins and the hot sun invites the use of a rare form of bowling equipment!

A neighbour tries to help.

Excellent weather and bowling continue on Day 2.

A player resorts to his trademark headwear - or is that a bowls cloth?

But everyone remains focussed on the play.

"After five competitive and highly entertaining games the final result was a win for Harrogate by 106 shots to 66."

Well done HBC. Commiserations BPBC. It's rumoured that there is likely to be a return match at home in 2024 which will give us the opportunity to return your excellent hospitality.

Note: The Club News Editor apologises for the late publication of this report. He was on holiday...



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