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A lovely day, lovely people and a lovely tea...

Each year the ladies of Masham BC and the ladies of Harrogate BC compete for The Masham Trophy and the first of the two matches was held on Thursday 15th June at Masham. Eleven of our ladies, including two reserves were present.

Rigorous pre-match preparation - a cup of tea in the sunshine.

Play is underway.

It was a match played in the best spirit but someone had to win and it was our ladies. Congratulations to them and to everyone involved. The score will be taken forward to the return match at Harrogate on Thursday July the 20th.

And what better finish could there be to the day than this fantastic tea.

Thank you Masham BC, we look forward to seeing you on 20th July. And additional thanks go to Margaret Bailey - our chief organiser and supplier of information and to Caroline Jaycock - team member and photographer.



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