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Once again we raise the flag for Yorkshire and people suffering from motor neurone disease.

Derek Chappel kindly provided this commentary.

Once again we raised the Yorkshire flag on Yorkshire Day which was also a fund raising day for the MNDA. Our expectations of another grand occasion were high.

Sue and Judith taking charge of the social side and Judith ensuring the bowling was designed for fun.

Out came the helpers, tables to be organised, rinks to set out under Normans beady eye. The kitchen full of cakes baked once again by our members exceeding Betty’s high standards.

The spider

The bottle of gin sat all alone as anxious players eyed a win. A timely reminder and the gin was replaced by a jack, the bell clangs and bowls crashed and rolled about then stopped.

The woods are launched.

Controlled chaos as everyone tries to see who's won the gin.

A huge grin on DB’s face gave the game away as the rest searched for their woods muttering …if only ….!

The bowling

“10 up” had become “21up” as we had 48 bowlers . The rules were explained and off they went!

The umpire carefully explains the rules.

The players look puzzled.

Derek’s heart sank would it work?

The match appears to be progressing in an orderly way.

As per instructions, on completion of a head the woods

are lined up in order of their score - 6,5,4,3 ...

Amazingly, it all worked out! You all somehow turned up at the right place and completed your cards successfully.

Three winners to be found , best man best lady and the one nearest a random number unknown to them.

I could not believe it when the best man was from ……..Essex! how could an Essex lad win? With a score of 95, John R was declared the winner.

Eureka!! The best lady was naturally from “Gods own county” so well done Janet P with a score of 87!! Of course our random winner was Cynthia Bates another Yorkshire lass!

A special prize was awarded to the member whose dress best reflected the theme Yorkshire and it was a newer member Wendy England. (See next photo).

A Yorkshire lad and lass enjoying their game.

It was excellent that so many newer members joined us and contributed to the atmosphere which l believe was bowling with fun.

The food

Tea was taken, diets were ditched as the choice of calories overcame everyone.The table groaned with choice and all had to be sampled.

Who's that going for first dibs?

Well done to all those who contributed.

The raffle

Many prizes because of a tremendous number of contributions.

The entertainer

A Quiz was organised by Sue with a Yorkshire theme it proved a great success.

Then our very own Yorkshire Poet, Sue had us all in fits with her special contributions. How you do it every year l will never know, but a huge thank you.


Our President gave a vote of thanks and was delighted with the £400 raised for her charity MNDA.

Thanks go to Sue and Judith for their joint organisation of another hugely successful Yorkshire Day.

Finally thank you to our photographers Jeff and Les who as well as clicking away, managed to play.

Although l might regret that, l have not seen the end product yet! (You have now)

The flag flying was lent by Mark and belonged to his daughter who had played for Yorkshire. So management, can we have a club Yorkshire Flag for next year?

A final thank you to the club members who had the rooms spotless and tidy in a flash , the club at its best , good bowling , good banter and everyone doing their bit.

Jeff asked for a view of Yorkshire day and this is mine.




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