The Hutchinson Wealth Management mixed rinks competition will take place on Sunday 7th June with a start time of 10.00 am for 10.30 am.  Dress code is greys.

The nominations sheet will go up in the clubhouse on Saturday 16th May with the deadline for entry being Saturday 23rd May. 


Maximum entry will be 48 players with extras as reserves.  Twelve teams will be selected and posted before 9th June.



The Bradley Trophy competition for mixed triple teams will take place on Saturday 18th July with a start time of 10.00 am for 10.30 am.  Dress code is whites.

The nomination sheet will go up in the clubhouse on Saturday 23rd May.

You select your own team, if there is a gap on the sheet insert your name or your team. When full put your name on the reserve list.  Maximum of 12 teams.



The Grieves Medal is a two wood knockout singles competition which will take place on Saturday 25th July at 1.30 pm.  The draw will be made at 1.00 pm on the day of the competition.  Dress code is greys.

The nomination sheet will go up in the clubhouse on Saturday June 27th


The Fenwick Trophy is a two wood mixed pairs competition playing first to 15 points.  In this competition you pick your partner.


The draw for the first round will take place on Sunday 7th June.  The first round to be played by Sunday 5th July.

A poster will go up in the clubhouse on Saturday 23rd May for late entries and to make the list available to players wishing to participate who have not yet agreed a partner.



Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bowler in need of some assistance, coaching is available.

Sessions are held every Tuesday morning during the season.  Please turn up at 09.45 am for a 10.00 am start, sessions will finish at 12.00 noon.

If you do not have your own equipment don't worry we have plenty of shoes and

bowls available.

The first session of 2019 will be held on Tuesday 30th April.  Qualified coaches will be on hand to help you.





Club Afternoons are held throughout the season, usually on a Thursday afternoon.

The 2019 dates are as follows:

   Thursday 25th April                                    Thursday 20th June

Thursday 2nd May                                     Thursday 4th July

  Monday 6th May                                         Thursday 18th July

  Thursday 9th May                                       Thursday 25th July

       Thursday 16th May                                     Thursday 15th August

        Monday 27th May                                       Thursday 22nd August

       Thursday 30th May                                     Thursday 29th August

                    Thursday 6th June

The afternoon normally constitutes two games of four ends each and one of six ends. Teams are drawn randomly for each game.

The rink fee per person is £1.  This covers the half-time hot drink, and the cost of the prizes.

The prizes are played for on the day and are for the best aggregate score from both a Lady and a Gent.  There is also a  'Lucky Scorecard'  prize draw.

In addition, there is an ongoing competition running throughout the season for the accolade of 'Verity Frearson Club Afternoon Player of the Year'.

Points are earned on the basis of three points if you are part of a winning team in a four-end game, and four points if your team wins the six-end game.  There is one point for a drawn four-end game and two points for a drawn six-end game.  Thus a player winning, say, one four-end game and the six-end game, will have a total of seven points for that afternoon.

A player's best eight scores over the season are added together and the player with the highest score will be the 'Verity Frearson Club Afternoon Player of the Year'.



Harrogate Ladies League (Played on Wednesday afternoons)

Harrogate Ebor finished 1st of 7 teams with 59 points

Harrogate Gardens finished 5th of 7 teams with 28 points

Dalesman League Gents (Played Wednesday afternoons)

Harrogate Stray finished 2nd of 7 teams with 65 points

Harrogate Spa finished 4th of 7 teams with 44.5 points

York League Gents (Played Monday & Wednesday evenings)

Harrogate finished 4th of 11 teams with 82.5 points

Bateson League Mixed (Played Friday afternoons)

Harrogate finished 5th of 9 teams with 53 points

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